Ferienwohnung "HArzgenuss" Holidayapartment "Harzgenuss"

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Terms and   Conditions


Business hours


8:00 AM to 12:00 AM and 2:30   PM to 6:00 PM




Conclusion of the booking contract



By requesting and / or completing a   booking with the host, the guest acknowledges these terms and conditions   irrevocably for all other relating business activities. The booking can be   made in writing, by mail, e-mail, fax or via the registration form. Your   booking constitutes the conclusion of the booking agreement with   "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" and you are bound by your offer until   written confirmation or cancellation of "Apartment HARZgeNUSS". If   the booking request is made by the guest via telephone and is also confirmed   by the host via telephone, a booking request in writing must be submitted   within 2 business day. Should the written request not be made within the set   timeframe, the commitment of the host will expire at the end of business   hours on the 2nd weekday. For the scope and nature of the services to be   rendered by "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" within the framework of the   booking agreement, the descriptions, images and information regarding minimum   stay and prices as stated in the agreement with "Apartment   HARZgeNUSS" or as described on the web   pages of "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" and which are valid for this period   shall apply exclusively.


The booking agreement is concluded by   written confirmation, which will be send as soon as possible and within 10   days of the booking request. Subject to correction of obvious mistakes, e.g.   due to printing, calculation or mapping errors or mistakes of contractual   partners in the course of the booking. In the case that 2 booking requests   for the same apartment are made at approximately the same time or should a   booking confirmation be given by a business partner after the booking   calendar of the "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" homepage has automatically   registered a reservation, the exact time of the submitted booking request is   decisive. This may be the case if inquiries and bookings are made outside of   business hours. The time of arrival / departure of individual guests is   irrelevant for the host, should a guests book both apartments. The price   applies for the entire booking period. However, the   final decision on the allocation of the apartments always rests with the   owner and manager.






It is the guest's   responsibility to ensure timely payment of the accommodation price. The guest   will himself/herself request the bank details of the host. The bank details   will be provided exclusively after conclusion the booking agreement. A   deposit of 20% of the total amount must be made as soon after receiving the  booking confirmation and bank details. Please understand and note in advance  that we assume that at the time of the check-in you will have made a 20% advance   payment for the entire period previously booked and that we will accept the   remaining payment in cash at the time of the check-in. No debit or credit  cards accepted. It is the guest's responsibility to ensure timely payment of   the accommodation price. If an advance payment is not made in accordance with   the agreed due dates, we are entitled to withdraw the booking agreement,   after having issued a reminder with a withdrawal deadline and to charge you   with the cancellation costs in accordance with the terms and conditions of   the agreement.


Advance payments have to be   made by bank transfer.






The General Terms and   Conditions include the price list, the minimum stay requirements provided by   the host as well as a list of special conditions and information. Local   additional costs. These are fixed costs that must be paid in any case and   included in the booking contract according to the jurisprudence of Federal   Court of Justice (German Bundesgerichtshof). The cost for the tourist tax of   the town of Wernigerode are payable at check-in for the entire booking period  and all guests and will be collected by the host:


Adults Euro 2.50 per day,   children from the age of 6 Euro 1.25.


Our guests have the option to   rent bed linen and towels for the duration of their stay and a cot as well as   high chairs are available in house. Please indicate whether you wish to rent   towels and/or bed linen when initially booking the apartment. Please refer to   the price list.


Pets are not generally   allowed. However, if you wish to bring pets along, you will require the prior   approval of the host.  The type as well   as size of the pet must be specified when booking. If the host approves the   brining along of pets, please keep in mind that dogs must be kept on a leash.   The area surrounding the house offers many opportunities to walk your dog.   The pet should not be left alone in the apartment, even if it is used to   being left alone.


The apartments must not be   occupied by more people than agreed on in the booking contract. A prior   approval of the host is required, should you plan to have visitors during   your stay.


The time of arrival as per   booking confirmation can take place between 2:30 PM and  5:00 PM. Please contact us by phone should   you be running late. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be   able to let you in, should you be running late. Please vacate the apartment   and complete the checkout by 10:00 AM on the day of departure as per booking   confirmation.


Smoking is not permitted   inside the apartments. A fee of 150.00 Euro for the subsequent comprehensive   cleaning will be charged for smoking inside the apartments  and in cases of hardship this will lead to   the termination of the contract. This is for us to ensure that the state of   the apartment is in accordance with the contract when we hand it over to the   next guest.





Private rooms and private   furniture and equipment situated outside the rented apartment may only be   used upon consultation with and approval of your hosts. Please respect the   privacy of the host and other guests, just as your privacy will be respected.





A cancellation of the booking   is possible at any time before the date of arrival as agreed on in the   booking contract. Cancellation is free of charge up to one month prior to the   confirmed arrival date.  The date of receipt of the cancellation by "Apartment   HARZgeNUSS" is decisive. In your own interest, the cancellation should   be submitted in writing. Should "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" be able to  find another guest for the same period and under the same conditions, only   10% of the booking price will be charged, regardless of the cancellation   deadline. The foregoing does not apply, should you make use of your right to   provide a substitute tenant. This is provided that the "Apartment   HARZgeNUSS" has been notified in time prior to the arrival date as per   initial booking agreement.




The liability of   "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" for damages other than bodily injury is  limited to three times the booking price if the damage on the side of the   guest is not caused deliberately or if "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" can   be held solely responsible for damages on the side of the guest due to the   fault of the host. The same maximum liability also applies to tortuous   liability of "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" for damage to property not   caused with intent or through gross negligence. No liability is accepted by   "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" for occasional failures or disruptions in   the delivery of water and / or energy and the same applies with regards to the   constant availability of equipment such as heating, TV and Internet, etc. ..



Obligation to cooperate, warranty, exclusion and limitation of claims


In case of eventual   disturbance of performances, you are obliged within the scope of legal   regulations, to do what is reasonably in your power to help remedy the   disturbance and to minimize the damage that may be caused. This leads to the   obligation to inform the host immediately in case of any disturbances. If you  do not fulfil this obligation in a culpable manner,  you will not be entitled to any claims that   may arise. A culpable omission does not apply when for example the notice of   defect or demand of remedy cannot reasonably be expected or  in cases of impossibility, or if the guest   is not at fault. If the booking is not provided in accordance to the   agreement, or if defects or damages are present in the rented property, you can   demand that this be corrected. If the booking is significantly affected by   defects, you can cancel the reservation. This usually requires that you have   demanded remedy by "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" within a reasonable time   and that the deadline has passed without result. A deadline is not required   if the remedy is impossible or refused by "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" or   if the immediate termination of the contract is justified by a special   interest of the guest. If damages to furniture or equipment occur and no  amicable settlement is reached, the case will be reported to the police. The   same happens in case of theft, including the theft of smaller items. Claims   on the part of the customer according to §§651c to f BGB resulting from   injury of life, body and health caused by a deliberate or negligent breach of   duty by the host or an agent of the host, shall be barred by limitation after   two years. This also applies to claims for compensation for other damages   that arise from a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by the host   of an agent of the host. All other claims under §§ 651c to f BGB (German   Civil Code) expire after one year. The period begins with the day on which   the booking was to end according to the contract.


Non-assignment clause


An assignment of claims   against "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" to third parties is excluded.   Similarly, the legal assertion of claims of the booking party by third  parties in his/her own name is inadmissible.




The services do not include   any insurance. Please refer to an insurance company of your choice, should   you require travel insurance. Private liability insurances usually also cover   damages in the apartment, which were caused by you as a customer. We recommend   that you check beforehand whether your insurance covers such damage.


Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and other provisions


The contractual relationship   between the customer and "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" shall be governed   exclusively by German law. This also applies for the legal relationship. The   place of jurisdiction for default actions and for actions against   "Apartment HARZgeNUSS" is Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains as the   company's location. For complaints against contractual partners, Wernigerode   in the Harz Mountains is the agreed jurisdiction according to the booking   agreement. The invalidity of individual provisions of this booking contract shall   not affect the validity of the complete booking contract.